Adidas Adizero XVI Freestyle Closed Back Kneesuit Swimwear

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Adidas Adizero XVI Freestyle Kneesuit Closedback

Adidas worked with bio mechanics, physiologists, textile and pattern experts, plus a global pool of elite swimmers to create the game changing Adizero XVI.

The supportive fabric of this women's competition swimsuit features a compression fit for a streamlined feel that minimises drag and maximises your efficiency in the water. Integrated bands and a closed-back design add strategic muscle support for endurance length after length.

The Adizero XVI range of tech suits enables swimmers to achieve their maximum speed.

The ground-breaking technology built into the new Adizero range feature three major advancements; energy optimization (X-TRA ENERGY), intelligent materials (X-TRA FLOW) and a stroke-specific biometric fit (X-TRA FIT).

X-TRA ENERGY: The Adizero XVI works to optimize the swimmer’s energy, focusing it on propelling them through the water faster. The suit’s fabric, innovative Polyurethane bands and compressive fit work together to support the swimmer’s Kinetic Chain; the body’s series of interlocking joints, where one movement facilitates the next. The pioneering tape material offers 100% recovery, ensuring the swimmer’s expended energy is returned to optimize subsequent movements, for example pushing off the starting block.

X-TRA FLOW: Intelligent material and lightweight construction guarantee enhanced body position in the water. Strategically placed texturing of the fabric, the result of extensive wind tunnel testing, pushes water more smoothly over the swimmer’s body in the right direction so it doesn’t create as much turbulence.

X-TRA FIT: In an industry first, the Adizero XVI offers bespoke design for the unique movements of different swimming strokes. Stroke-specific moderation’s ensure a precision fit, facilitating swimmer’s transition through the water.


FINA Approved

Material: 76% nylon / 24% elastane plain weave