Dynamic Tape 5cm Plain

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SIZE: 5cm x 5m

Brand : Sports Medical Online


  • Acting as a spring or rubber band, Dynamic Tape acts on levers of the body to provide a deceleration force, absorbing load and reducing the work on injured tissues.
  • Stretching in all directions with a strong recoil property, in this way it can do the work of weak, injured or overloaded muscles or can be used to change movement patterns by pulling the body in one direction or resisting it in another.
  • In simple terms, Dynamic Tape provides strong mechanical assistance to reduce the work on injured tissues, assist weak muscles or improve movement patterns while still allowing full range of motion even when performing complex, multi-planar movements like those required in sport or work.Measuring 5cm wide and with 5m in length, choose from a plain or tribal design to tape yourself up with.