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The Fun 5 Outdoor Game Combo set from Franklin Sports includes 5 fun activities: Badminton, Volleyball, Flip Toss, Ring Toss and Flying Disc. The set comes complete with everything you need from the poles, net, badminton rackets, birdies, volleyball, flip toss scoops and ball, ring toss, flying disc and finally, a ball pump and needle completes the set!  This complete set is perfect for the beach, backyard, a picnic or gathering.

  • includes - 5'1"" poly pole set and 20' x 1.5' net that sets up quickly for Volleyball or Badminton play,

  • Badminton - includes - 2 x Badminton rackets,

  • Volleyball -  includes - 1 x Volleyball and pump,

  • Flip Toss - includes 2 x catch scoops and 1 x ball,

  • Ring Toss - target comes with 4 x rings and 4 x ground stakes to secure it,

  • Flying Disc - is a classic game that completes this set.